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What is a watermark?

A watermark is an image formed by varying thicknesses in a sheet of paper. It is also often called filigree, although that term is more commonly applied to the vertical lines that one can see in certain types of packaging paper.
The high-security watermark is impossible to forge by means of photocopy, scanner or any other kind of printing, since it is integrated in the body of the paper itself. It is visible from both sides of the paper and allows the light to pass through it. A watermark is one of the most important security features available for paper, and is one of the main methods recommended by Interpol to increase the protection of documents and printed materials in general.

Purinto Mark: A new technology and a true revolution for watermarks

Purinto Mark was born out of the necessity of evolution of a market that is permanently searching for new ways of integrating security elements into paper. Our technology allows applying a watermark with a precision and variety of options unique on the market. All of it paired with a sensitive cost reduction with reference to the current watermark products available.
This technology is the result of many years of experience in the paper manufacturing sector and a continuous investment in R&D, which has given as a result several completely new products and patents.
At present, Purinto Mark is the only company in the market that can offer a product that gives the possibility of adding watermarks by means of white or colour transparencies, all without the paper losing its natural properties such as ease of writing, printing, erasing, texture, volume, etc...
All this with a precision in the application of the watermark and a manufacturing cost without equal in the market.